Fubon Art Fondation

Venue:Fubon Life Building Center Lobby
Date: October 10, 2006 – February 28, 2007

Organizer:Fubon Art Fondation

Artists:Howard Chen, Su Meng-Hung, Tsai Chih-Fen, Huang Pei–Ying, Yu Wen-Fu

(This project was participated by Sean C.S. Hu only)



The concept of “wall-less museum” is an urban aesthetic that Fubon Art Foundation has been dedicated in promotion for the past decade. The idea is to continue to break barriers and to open up for more complexity and profoundness. The anticipation is to bring unique artistic spirits to Taipei. Explaining from the perspective of physics, a “wall-less museum” is intended to create resonance and to absorb energy from its surrounding and to bring added value. It is intended to gradually fortify the interactive relationships between art, people, and space. With the previous 19 art buffets that Fubon has organized, the objective behind them was to return to the original passion for art and to think from fundamental basics. This principle is also true for this exhibition. Through the artists’ visual expressions of their internal self and the resonance with the viewers, the artistic ambiance in the exhibition space also extended beyond to other unfamiliar realms to create a sense of resonance. It was an artist reaction that was intended to continue to catalyze. Therefore, this particular art buffet was aptly named, “Resonance”.
The exhibition invited five Taiwanese artists that specialize in applied media with conceptual art expressions, and these artists were Chen Chun-Hao, Tsai Chih-Fen, Su Meng-Hung, and Yu Wen-Fu. The temporary installations they created were specially designed for the space, and the artworks were also intended to bring a sense of serenity and stability to the setting.