Venue:Project Fulfill Art Space
Date: July 13 – August 16, 2013

Organizer :Project Fulfill Art Space

Artists:Yu Cheng-Ta、Chen Wan-Jen、Chen Ching-Yao、Liao Chi-Yu、Riyas Komu、Shaun Gladwell



Every four years the Olympics return as the biggest sports event that captivates the world. Beneath this athletic carnival, what we witness is not only a form of demonstration of the host country’s capability and interactions between cultures but also a necessity to create a domestic market through massive construction projects as well as a great opportunity to attract the capital of global corporations to for earning profits and promoting the host city. Therefore, the term, the Olympics, has become a complex noun as well as verb and manifested as an encapsulating spectacle in the era of globalization. No matter we are looking at the sports per se or the competition in general, it is clear that the modern Olympics serves as the epitome and representation of the global reality. It is a presentation centering on the dominating Western powers, an international summit of powerful countries, an exotic exposition of uprising countries as well as an exhibition of multinational corporations. Hence, the Olympics is not simply a sports event, and sports are no longer athletic games.

Starting from this modern athletic event, “Insportsration” attempts to review and reinterpret sports and the multiple meanings behind them. The artworks of Taiwanese, American, Indian and Australian artists will redefine the cultural meanings of sports, and integrate various sports such as gymnastics, soccer, dancing, yoga, and ultimate sports into the diverse languages of behavioral art, post-colonialism, national identity, international politics, class conflict, subcultures, and gender identity, etc.