Museum of Tomorrow/ Rice for Thoughts A Performance and Land Art Project in the Peddy

Venue:Taipei City Zhong-Shan District Miramar Area
Date: August 16 – December 15, 2007

Organizer :JUT Foundation for Arts & Architecture

Artists:Lin Quan-Ju



This is the second stop for Museum of Tomorrow’s mobile exhibitions. Surrounded by tall buildings and construction sites, 1000 pings or 3305.8 square meters of rice paddies are being cultivated, and the artist, Lin Chuan-Chu, is simultaneously playing the duo-roles of the artist and the farmer. Inside the studio, which is located in the midst of the rice paddies, he is living the life style of the ancients, where he farms on a sunny day and reads on a rainy day. In this ever-changing modern day, our hope is through this farm-land, the vitality and affection of the earth can be transmitted and to once again bring back the agricultural life style of the yesteryears, where people and nature coexisted. We hope that we can all slow down our pace, and be able to walk and pause with ease and to experience together this attitude Rice for Thoughts is portraying, which is to be able to depend on and exist harmoniously with nature. Furthermore, we hope to be able to transform the rice grains and memories into seeds for A Better Tomorrow and to plant them inside our hearts. We cordially invite you to join us in the rice paddies!